Solving tomorrow’s problems starts today. Build innovation and creative problem-solving into your education and career.

Trinity Entrepreneurship is:

  1. A WAY OF THINKING that involves critical analysis, creative problem solving, knowledge, imagination, flexibility, risk taking, innovating and persistence.
  2. A WAY OF USING KNOWLEDGE and theory to address real-world problems.
  3. A PRACTICAL PURSUIT that transforms an innovation into a sustainable enterprise.
  4. A FORCE MULTIPLIER for the liberal arts, giving students a distinctive edge.

Students can learn any or all of these!

Learn How to Turn Ideas into Action

Trinity’s forward-looking curriculum is designed to boldly combine the liberal arts with co-curricular, experiential learning that prepares students for the future. All students, not just those interested in business or start-ups, will be able to learn and adopt an innovative and entrepreneurial mindset, giving them the confidence and know-how to turn ideas into action.

Build Your Innovation and Entrepreneurial Skillset to Maximize your Future Career Options

No matter what career you choose, having an innovative and entrepreneurial mindset will be a differentiator and an enabler.

Expand Your Network at Trinity, with Alumni, and in the World at Large!

Explore new relationships, build partnerships, expand your visibility—Trinity Entrepreneurship is all about engaging with the entire Trinity community to help students get to where they want to go.

Entrepreneurship at Trinity College

Entrepreneurship at Trinity is led by the Center for Entrepreneurship at Trinity College, which provides resources and support for students interested in developing an innovation mindset and learning about entrepreneurship. It offers workshops, networking events, competitions, mentorship, and funding both on campus and at Trinity’s Innovation Hub in downtown Hartford. The center’s mission is to advance Trinity’s mission and goals by fostering an environment where students can learn skills like design thinking and problem solving, get real-world experience through internships and mentoring, and propel their Trinity Plus curriculum forward from their first day on campus.

The on-campus Center for Entrepreneurship is complemented by Trinity’s Innovation Hub at Constitution Plaza in downtown Hartford, Connecticut.

Tackling the world’s most vexing problems requires people who are both critical thinkers and creative doers. There is no better preparation for this than an education that unapologetically combines the liberal arts with a diverse array of real-world, immersive learning experiences. As the world becomes more complex around us, Trinity College is creating new impactful pathways for our Bantams to drive new innovations and entrepreneurial solutions to build a new, more empathetic and purposeful world around us.

Danny Briere Executive Director, Trinity College Entrepreneurship Center

Main Elements of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Trinity


Tyree Innovation Fellowship

The Tyree Innovation Fellowship is for any student, regardless of major or interest, who believes innovative ideas will drive their future success. Designed to jumpstart students on their path to career discovery and to infuse their liberal arts education with intention, passion and genuine curiosity around solving the problems of today and tomorrow.



Starting in their first year and extending to after they graduate, students can access a range of programs that build creative problem solving and critical thinking into their educational framework. From special events to the Innovation Fellowship to clubs and study-abroad programs, students get real-world experience while developing skills that drive success in their academic and post-graduation careers.



Consistent with our forward-looking Trinity Plus curriculum, which boldly combines the liberal arts with co-curricular, experiential learning in preparing students for the future, the Entrepreneurship Center has teamed with departments across campus to offer two new experiential certificates—in Innovation and in Entrepreneurship.



The early stages of innovation are the most critical. Gathering the right resources to understand and focus on a problem to be solved, and establishing a solid foundation of legal, intellectual property, accounting, and product for the ideas to be pursued, are so important—and Trinity wants to help students establish their beachhead upon which to base the rest of their efforts.  From microgrants to do the most basic activities like research, surveys, and trademarking and domain registration, to more intensive pre-seed and seed grants for patent and prototyping efforts, Trinity has students’ backs in their journey in developing their ideas into viable solutions.



On and off-campus events, pitch competitions, field trips, networking opportunities, and startup, manufacturing, and other innovation/entrepreneurial visits are common on the Trinity Entrepreneurship calendar.

The Trinity Entrepreneurship Ecosystem

A strong community of students, parents, faculty, staff, alumni, sponsors, partners, and other enthusiasts.


INNOVATE: Innovation and Entrepreneurship Living Learning Community

One of our newest initiatives, INNOVATE, the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Living Learning Community, is a first-year housing program that excites students and launches them on their invention, innovation, and entrepreneurial adventure at Trinity—exposing students to group activities, programming, field trips, networking events, and other exclusive opportunities to bond with each other and grow their leadership skills, creative problem-solving, and critical thinking skills. INNOVATE students learn through immersion and doing, resulting in innovative and entrepreneurial mindsets to impact their Trinity careers and the rest of their lives.


Student Clubs

Student clubs thrive at Trinity and grow student mindsets in entrepreneurship, investment banking, venture capital, private equity, marketing, management consulting, and more. Student groups learn by doing and do by learning. They are a fundamental part of the Trinity student experience and strongly supported by the Entrepreneurship Center.


Entrepreneurship Corps

Foundational to the Center for Entrepreneurship’s success is the growing network of Trinity College Alumni who support the center through volunteering their time, mentoring students, providing internship opportunities, and committing financial support.


Partner Network

Trinity’s partners extend campus into the real-world environment and allow Trinity’s resources to impact the greater Hartford area, and vice versa. Key partners and sponsors support on-campus programs to expose students to actual problems that need solving by alumni and other partners.

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